2023 Decluttering Plan and Update From 2022

What I need to do next and what I did.

Lisa Sealey


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Hello and happy 2023!

I’ve been working on updating my decluttering plan. Things have changed a bit with my timeline as far as moving goes, so here’s what my new list looks like for the next three months:

January — storage unit.
I have to go through everything and declutter, sort, and consolidate. It’s primarily things from when I cleaned out my mom’s house after she passed. I know there are things I kept that I wasn’t ready to part with then, and I’m sure I will be able to let them go now.

January — cabinets in the living room.
I keep putting this off, and I’m not sure why. It’s only going to take a short time to do. One is mostly full of empty DVD cases, and the other is full of CDs.

January — shed.
I started to work on this last year. I got all of the holiday decorations sorted, packed, and arranged. I need to finish going through what is left and consolidate it, so everything in there is ready to load onto a moving van.

February — lower dining room cabinets.
I don’t even know what’s in them anymore.

February — office.
I already did the filing cabinets, but I need to go through the closet, the bookshelf, and the desk.

February — pantry.
I need to finish this.

March — kid’s room.
He’s going to do most of this. He’s going off to college in July and will need to pack up everything he wants to keep that will not be going with him to college. Why March? Because April is full of band competitions, May is awards and graduation, and June is a trip to Europe and spending time with his friends before he leaves. I’ll supervise and keep him on track.

As for my list from last summer/fall, here’s how those things stand:

  1. Bookshelf and cabinets in the living room — August. I decluttered the bookshelf and donated a lot of books. Now it’s ready to pack up. The cabinets are now on January’s list.
  2. Linen closet — August. Decluttered and consolidated…



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