Build Your Tolerance if You Want to Have a Proactive Lifestyle

Lisa Sealey
2 min readOct 12, 2021
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One of the reasons people procrastinate is that they have a low threshold for stress and discomfort. Their unwillingness to feel uncomfortable causes them to freeze and put things off. Sadly, their intolerance keeps them from growing and maturing into a person who can handle pressure, pain, and discomfort with ease.

Proactive people know that pain = growth. They’ve learned that they can tolerate discomfort and use it to their advantage. While other people procrastinate when the going gets tough, proactive people thrive and achieve due to their willingness to suffer a bit more.

Think Like a Body Builder

Having a strong, muscular body isn’t easy. It takes commitment and tolerance to withstand the pain of lifting heavier and heavier weights. When a muscle is under stress, it breaks down. As the muscle heals, it becomes more dense and stronger. The effect is not immediate and causes pain along the way, but the effort put in today pays off in added strength tomorrow.

Choosing to look at your tasks like a body builder gives you the opportunity to tackle them and embrace the momentary discomfort while knowing you’ll be better off in the end.

Understand That Some Things Simply Suck

Sometimes you just have to do the dirty work. Your willingness to do emotional, physical, and other hard things is a testimony to your ability to be proactive and in control of your life. No one gets out of having to do unpleasant and uncomfortable things for very long. Putting them off is robbing yourself of the opportunity to raise your threshold for discomfort.

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