Podcast Episode 139 — How to Create a Schedule That Works For You

Don’t work against yourself.

Lisa Sealey
3 min readApr 8, 2024
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Do you cringe at the mention of a schedule? Do you feel confined by having one? This means that your schedule is most likely out of sync with your natural rhythm.

A schedule should be a guide, not something to confine you. It’s a method to keep you on track so you stay focused and complete tasks.

Here are three tips to help you build — and stick to — a schedule that works for you:

  1. Know when you do your best work.

Are you a morning person? If so, set aside the first part of your day to do your most important and labor-intensive tasks and leave everything else for later when you’re less productive. If you’re a night owl, do your less important, easy tasks earlier in the day and save your important tasks for later. Knowing the rhythm of how you work will allow you to work with your strengths, not against them.

2. Know yourself.

When making your schedule, think about these three things: what distracts you, how you stay energized, and what specific schedule of breaks and meals helps you stay focused.

For example, if you’re a morning person and you know that you get distracted when you get Instagram or Facebook…



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