Podcast Episode 143 — How to Declutter Your Home Office

Five steps to help you get started.

Lisa Sealey
2 min readMay 6, 2024
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Nothing hurts productivity and peace of mind more than a cluttered workspace, especially when you work from home. Follow these steps to get started.

Deal with Paper Clutter Before It Happens

The key to paper clutter is to keep things under control right from the start. Have an inbox on your desk where mail and other paper items go. This will cut down the clutter significantly. Use this box only for things needing your attention. If you have several projects, create a folder for each and contain the related papers in the folders. Put the folders in a desk drawer or file cabinet until needed.

Clear Your Desk

Keep your desk empty of everything except the phone, your computer, and your current work. Put away everything else until you need it. If you have knick-knacks or other items that do not serve a work purpose, consider moving them to a shelf or other appropriate space. Keeping your desk tidy will also help to minimize distractions.

Reconsider Your Use of Paper

Unfortunately, many paper items in an office are unnecessary. Pay attention to unnecessary printouts, and get in the habit of reading things on a screen instead.



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