Podcast Episode 64 — Don’t Let Setbacks Get You Down

Lisa Sealey
2 min readMar 14, 2022
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Today I want to talk about a productivity strategy that may help you. One of the biggest roadblocks to productivity is the approach which many people take when it comes to setbacks: they view them as failures. If you see a setback as a failure, it can not only limit your productivity, but it can go as far as to prevent you from doing anything at all. This is true for work, school, or just about any other area in your life.

Regardless of what type of job you have, you probably experience setbacks either occasionally or on a regular basis. They can occur from making mistakes, from not being adequately prepared for what you need to do, or from unexpected problems which are not anyone’s fault. The way you experience and view a setback determines how it will affect you and your productivity.

Fortunately, there is one outlook which can prevent a setback from becoming a roadblock and actually increase your productivity: refuse to see the setback as a failure.

This is the first step to getting back on track. The second step is to see it as an opportunity to do better the next time. If you have made an error in your work, the best approach is to try to correct the error and move on. While it is essential that you not cover up a mistake, you cannot afford to allow a mistake to cause you to stop. If you fail to correct it and move ahead, you may find yourself dwelling on it. You may beat yourself up about the mistake or even obsess about it. These behaviors are never useful or productive.

Viewing each setback as a learning experience is a much better approach. You can tell yourself that you are capable of doing better and capable of doing more. As long as you look at setbacks this way, instead of as failures, they will not prevent you from moving forward. Correct the mistake and learn from it, then move on. When you develop this pattern, and make it a regular part of your work life, setbacks will not stand in the way of your productivity.

How do you handle setbacks? Send an email to lisa@lisasealey.com and let me know.

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