Podcast Episode 84 — Are You Setting the Right Goals for Yourself?

Ask yourself these questions to find out.

Lisa Sealey


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Today I want to talk about your goals.

There is much more to goal setting than just picking a goal and moving forward. While that is important, it is also essential to ensure that you are setting the right goals at the right time to succeed.

Are you setting specific and realistic goals?

It may take a little time and research to determine whether a goal is realistic. In other words, given your time, ability, and resources, if you are not sure something you want to do is achievable, you have not done enough research. If it’s a worthwhile goal, it’s also worth the time to research what it will take to make it happen.

Once you determine a realistic goal, your description must be specific. This way, you can take the end goal and work backward to create a schedule and timeline of tasks or actions for you to succeed.

Are you learning from your mistakes?

People often give up instead of learning from their mistakes or failures when working on goals and schedules.

For example, if one of your goals was to work out for 30 minutes three times per week, and you scheduled 30 minutes in your day three times per week to do that, you will throw off your whole day.

Why? Because you didn’t factor in changing into your gym clothes, cooling down, showering (if necessary), and getting back into your regular clothes. And once that happens, you might be inclined to tell yourself you don’t have enough time to exercise for 30 minutes on those days and decide you’re not going to do it. You give up.

Instead, learn from that mistake and change your schedule to be more realistic. Perhaps schedule an hour, or even an hour and 15 minutes for your exercise time.

You might have to rewrite all your goals and revise your entire schedule, but this is acceptable.

Do your goals represent your wants and needs or someone else’s?

Unfortunately, many people set goals that represent what someone else wants instead of what they want. This can cause a lot of resentment, derailing even…



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