Podcast Episode 91 — How to Reduce Your Anxiety by Decluttering

Ways decluttering can help you, and how to begin.

Lisa Sealey


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Today I want to talk about anxiety and decluttering.

Anxiety is sometimes unavoidable, but there are things you can do to reduce or mitigate it. You may find it surprising, but one strategy that can help reduce your anxiety is decluttering.

Here’s why:

It promotes physical activity.

Decluttering gets you moving and allows you to concentrate on what you’re doing instead of what’s making you anxious. This also gives you a sense of control over your environment. Plus, physical activity increases the feel-good chemicals in your body, which provides relief from your thoughts.

It creates order.

When things in your home are out of place, especially when you’re busy and don’t have the time to deal with them, it can make you feel anxious and scattered. Taking the time to put things back where they belong or clean up cluttered areas creates order you may not realize your mind was craving. Have you ever walked into your home when everything was neat and tidy and breathed a sigh of relief? That’s what I mean.

It saves time.

Life is busy, and if things are out of place or in a mess, precious time can be sacrificed by trying to find items. Of course, this creates anxiety. Decluttering allows you to keep things organized, so even if something is misplaced, it is likely to be found quickly and easily, which avoids anxiety.

It can give you a feeling of control.

Each time you put something away and use your decision-making and problem-solving skills to figure out what to do with your clutter, you gain back some control of your life. Decluttering is a stress-free way of making decisions and an excellent way to decrease your anxiety.

If thinking about decluttering makes you anxious, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Start with 5 minutes a day. Start simple and small, and don’t expect yourself to be perfect. Take five minutes at the end of your day and begin with the most critical area. This way, if you don’t finish in 5 minutes, it won’t be…



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